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Montana Music Man

Greg Grant, born in New York, has spent the last 21 years living in his self-built off-grid home in Montana. In this clip we interview Greg about his lifestyle and share some of the videos from his own web site.

Armed with previous experience as a carpenter and with the help of friends, but mostly self taught, he built his home which serves as both his recluse and studio.

Greg currently spends monthly no more than $150 in living costs, all thanks to his solar power set up, food growing and all round frugal lifestyle.

Greg Grant: http://www.greggrantmusic.com/



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America’s 1st Tiny House Hotel

Tiny Home Hotel


Deb Delman and Kol Peterson love tiny homes: she’s spent the past couple decades living in a converted garage, a yurt, a tiny unelectrified cabin; he studied urban planning and is a “really big advocate of ADUs [accessory dwelling units AKA granny cottages, in-law suites]”; and the couple now live together in a self-built ADU. I hope this idea presented by Fair Companies spreads far and wide.